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T E A C H E R ' S   R E S O U R C E   G U I D E

Dear Educators,

Obo Addy and Okropong, presented by Obo Addy Legacy Project, provides student audiences with a performance that explodes with the sounds of authentic African rhythm and song, vibrates with traditional West African dance and offers insight into African culture and its influences in America. Each 45 minute performance, showcases music and dance that comes from Obo Addy’s homeland of Ghana, West Africa—a country that has over forty different languages and many ethnic groups. Students can expect to see traditionally clad musicians performing on unique hand crafted percussion instruments along with spinning and kicking dancers depicting stories and ideas through humor and powerful physicality. The show culminates with audience participation that is certain to make students jump in joyful celebration of cultural diversity.

The following Teacher’s Resource Guide is designed to assist teachers as they prepare students for the performance and integrate the performance with existing academic curriculum. The Guide assists teachers by pointing out elements applicable to Oregon Arts Content Standards and includes: biographical information about the performers, cultural and historical information about Ghana including its music and dance, relevant vocabulary words, descriptions of the instruments, ideas for classroom activities and additional resources for further study including online links.

We look forward to bringing the music and dance of Ghana to you.

Obo Addy