Homowo Educational Programs

Homowo's programs are integral to the cultural life of Oregon. They enhance understanding of African arts and cultural traditions, promoting and maintaining multi-generational interaction and community involvement while increasing respect for the similarities and differences between cultural groups. Also, explore more options with Homowo through partnerships and/or collaborations with your community organizations. We would love to hear from you, contact us today!

A Journey through the Rhythms and Dance of Ghana

handstand A native of the colorful and diverse country of Ghana, Obo Addy and his ensemble of professional Ghanaian musicians and dancers, take students through a journey of their homeland. Displayed in the authentic instruments and traditional attire, each new song and dance represents a different cultural group of people in Ghana, a country where 50 different traditional languages are spoken. A natural for incorporating audience participation, Obo shares with students how the instruments are made and played and emphasizes their value in Ghanaian culture through anecdotal stories.

Rhythm Explosion

rhythm Obo Addy, artistic director, leads this colorful and lively performance that features a dozen musicians and dancers who bring to life the excitement of African rhythms. Traditional African songs and dances are followed by contemporary music that draws from these ancestral beats. Using such Western instruments as keyboards, horns and electric instruments to interpret traditional African rhythms, Obo bridges the gap between the old and new, between Ghanaian cultural traditions and Western contemporary music. Each in-school performance assembly is supplemented by an interactive session with Obo Addy and a group of music students. Obo Addy's 27-year experience with school performances makes this program a favorite, receiving exceptional reviews from teachers and students alike.

Music of Ghana Lecture/Demonstration

In a classroom setting, Obo demonstrates the different instruments used throughout the performance. In discussing the music, drumming and people of Ghana, Obo inspires young musicians as he shares his life experiences.

African Drumming Workshop

drum Drumming workshops are built around the five hand techniques developed by Obo Addy and his brothers in the 1970's. The techniques will be taught singly and with both hands. These techniques enable drummers to find an incredible range of sound within the drum while keeping their hands safe from damage that can be incurred from improper technique. In teaching the techniques of the instruments, Obo weaves in Ghanaian songs and stories to further enhance the musical and cultural experience.

African Dance Workshop

dancers Beginning dance workshops focus on movement and rhythm specific to traditional Ghanaian dance. All workshops are accompanied by live drumming. In Ghana, dancers listen carefully to the music to hear the changes that indicate the dance movements. American dancers will be taught in the same way thus heightening their senses as they listen to all music.

Teacher Workshop

Obo teaches about the culture and music of Ghana using his very interesting life to talk about Colonialism in Ghana, Traditional healing, Traditions versus religion and an overview of drumming instruction. Teachers will learn more about the rich traditions to help support the appearance of Obo and Okropong at a school assembly program.